Barnum Public Schools, ISD No. 91

Food Service Program



Our Food Service Program is dedicated to providing high quality nutritious meals to the students in the Barnum Public School District.


Meal Plans:

All student meals meet the federal guidelines for type and amount of food offered. Healthy food choices are available for students.


Barnum Schools extends “Offer versus Serve” to all grade levels.  This means that students are offered all food items comprising a full meal.  This includes four components: meat/meat alternative, grain/bread, vegetable/fruit and milk.  These four components are made up of five items for lunch: meat/meat alternative, fruit/vegetable, vegetable/fruit, bread/grain and milk; and four items for breakfast: meat/meat alternative, fruit/vegetable, bread/grain and milk. Students have the choice of a minimum of three food items, at least one of them equaling a one-half cup of fruit or vegetable. This is called a "reimbursable meal.” If a student chooses only one or two items, it is considered a la carte and the student must pay cash for the items.


Pre-Paid Meal Accounts:

Each student is issued an Individual Meal Account and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This account and PIN will be the student’s throughout their school years. Each student will enter their own PIN into the key pad at the Cashier’s desk at the time of meal purchase (Point of Sale).

The Individual Meal Account is a debit account, therefore, there must be money in the account in order for the student to eat. Each time your child purchases a meal by entering their PIN number, the amount of the purchase is deducted from the balance in their account.


Each year the student’s balance will carry forward to the next school year.


Students may use their meal accounts to pay for breakfast or lunch reimbursable meals, a second entrée serving or extra milk.


Account Balance Status:

Account balance information may be obtained from the following sources:

  • Parent Portal – if a Parent does not have an account they should contact either the Elementary or High School Secretary.
  • Cashier at either the Elementary or High School
  • District Office at 218-389-6978 x1002 or x1007

Low balance notices will be given to the students either verbally or in written form when possible. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student and parents to keep tabs on account balances and deposit money before the account is depleted.  



Payments can be made daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.  Payments can be made online (Parent Resources > Online Payments) or to the Elementary or High School Offices in person or via the mail.


Identify the student’s name(s) on the payment and if payment is being made for more than one student, break out the distribution of the payment. One check can be written for multiple students in a family.

Lactose Reduced Milk:

Lactose reduced milk is available for any student upon written request by the parent or guardian. Requests should be directed to the School Nurse.


Free / Reduced Meals:
Applications are accepted throughout the school year. It is never too late to apply for free or reduced meals. Families may qualify if the total household income is within eligibility guidelines, or if a child receives MFIP or food stamps. The form is quick and easy to complete.


Applications are available on our website or by contacting the District Office at 218-389-6978 x1001.



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