District News


Elementary Boiler Project On Hold
At the regular meeting in April, the Barnum School Board rejected all of the bids for the boiler and ventilation work scheduled to be done this summer at the Elementary School. The District will again request bids for this project in October 2015, with work to be done during the spring through fall of 2016.
Summer Projects Still Scheduled

  • LED lighting upgrade outside of the buildings and parking lots, the shop and fitness area, and inside the transportation building.
  • Security: upgraded and new cameras in both the high school and elementary school, and a security entrance in the High School.
  • Equipment for a Fab Lab.
  • Technology upgrades: new fiber optics between the two schools, upgraded switches, new Wi-Fi receivers, new internet filter, new telephone system, and new technology support.
  • Remodel transportation building, and install concrete flooring throughout.
  • Refinish and repaint the high school gym floor and install new bleachers.
  • Install drain tile for the baseball/softball fields at RJM Park.

Centennial of Barnum School District
The Class of 2015 will be the 100th graduating class of the Barnum School District!  Please check out the District’s web page at www.barnum.k12.mn.us