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A Life Long Celebration of LEARNING!
 Where everyone is inspired to excel in academics, character, and citizenship. 

A special prom celebration takes place at Barnum

For Sale: 1,000 Gallon Double-Walled Skid Type Tank
Above ground tank contains 300 gallons of old fuel oil
Available for purchase “as is.”
Minimum Bid: $1,000
Bid closing: Friday, May 6, 2016, 12:00 noon
Bids due to:  District Office, Barnum Public Schools,
3675 County Road 140, Barnum, MN  55707
Please note “Tank Bid” on outside of envelope
 For more information, contact Doug Hoffman, 218-389-6978 x1014.

New members are inducted & join the
2015-2016 National Honor Society

School Contact Information

Barnum Elementary
3813 North Street, Barnum, MN  55707

Ph: 218-389-6976; Fax: 218-389-9842

Barnum High School
3675 County Road 140

Ph: 218-389-3273; Fax: 218-389-3259

Barnum District Office
3675 County Road 140
218-389-6978; Fax: 218-389-3259

Bus Garage
3823 North St.
218-389-6976 ext. 1038

Barnum Community Education
3675 County Road 140

Barnum Independent School District #91 does not discriminate
on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability.

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